Methode recommends the use of flexible bus bars at connection points to make applications more pliable. Utilizing shunts, FlexiBar flexible bus bars, braided cables and annealing copper bus bars, our team provides soft, movable solutions specific to our customers' needs.


Custom EngineeredMethode offers a variety of options to choose from for flexible bus bar applications.

Flexible High Power ConnectionsOur flexible bus bars can be used to reduce the mechanical stress on high power connection points.

Ease of InstallationSoft and movable, flexible bus bars are easy to install in densely packed cabinets.

You Might Also Consider

PowerFlex CablesA high-strand-count cable, PowerFlex™ is designed for high-current power distribution applications.

PowerPathA flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional power distribution systems, PowerPath™ eliminates internal connections, offering low resistance and high reliability.


Insulated FlexiBar

FlexiBar consists of several thin layers of copper, all contained with an insulating jacket, to achieve high power distribution.

Flexible S-Shape Bus Bar

Used in the International Space Station, this flexible bus bar includes multiple methods of connection.

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Flexible Bus Bar Data Sheet

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