Integrated Center Stack


The integration of TouchSensor™ field-effect technology into the 2011 Ford Edge ICS began after a thorough review of both interior design standards and the abundance of new and emerging technologies. After studying vehicle communications trends and drivers' use of technology inside their vehicles, it was evident that the way drivers interact with their auto's technology was rapidly becoming obsolete. Ford and Methode joined forces to pioneer the next-generation User Interface experience for customers around the world.



Improved ReliabilityBacked by over 200 million field-effect switches in the market, field-effect technology offers a highly reliable solution with no moving parts to damage or wear.

Patented LightingUtilizing field-effect Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), Methode developed a unique methodology for lighting our Ford Edge ICS solutions while meeting OEM lighting specifications.

DifferentiationMethode's system solutions approach produces unique, brand-differentiating User Interface designs with common cross-platform architecture, reducing development time and increasing cost efficiency.

Case Studies & Testimonials

Ford Electronic Finish PanelsRead about the integration of TouchSensor technology to meet the growing infotainment demand in the automotive industry.

Solid-State Control Panel for Kia MotorsTransforming an existing mechanical interface into a fully functional touch solution for the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show.

PACE 2012 Award Winner

Methode was recognized at the 2012 Automotive News PACE Awards for its Field-Effect™ solid-state switches, which were first launched on the center stacks of Ford’s 2011 Edge, 2011 Explorer, and 2011 Lincoln MKX models. Learn More | View announcement


Multi-Point Touch Screens

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, Methode's multi-point touch screens perform with reliability and durability, while meeting the demanding requirements of OEMs.

Haptic Tactile Feedback

With the ability to customize the sensory feedback experience to match your user interface controls, Methode's programmable feedback offers meaningful, tactile responses for intuitive user interaction.

Biometric Verification Technology

A robust management tool designed to provide completely accurate user identification, Methode's identity verification technology performs with a reliability unseen in competing technologies.

Техническая библиотека

2012 PACE Award

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TouchSensor for Automotive Solutions

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TouchCells - Benefits for Automotive Applications

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TS100 UL Report

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Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen for Automotive Data Sheet

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