Custom Haptic Control Solutions

Methode delivers user interface experiences with programmable feedback, for touch screens, touch panels and rotary encoders in a number of applications. Providing highly differentiating solutions, programmable haptic feedback offers unique and reconfigurable tactile responses to each button location for truly intuitive performance.

  • Offers programmable solutions for touch screens, touch panels and rotary encoders
  • Provides confirming tactile response to users' actions
  • Performs tasks with speed, precision and confidence
  • Adapts controls to changing vehicle inputs
  • Differentiates products from the competition


Software and Hardware ExpertiseWith extensive experience employing Immersion's software and working through mechanical challenges, Methode is a paramount source for haptic feedback technology.

Customized Solutions

Haptic Control Panel User Interface

Methode integrates haptics into next generation User Interface panels to vastly improve user experience, differentiating our customers' solutions from the competition.

Haptic Touch Screen User Interface

Providing tactile confirmation responses to users' actions, haptic touch screens notify users immediately when their inputs are accepted.

Haptic Key Pads

Methode's ground-breaking compact haptic technology offers differentiating solutions for next generation key pad products.

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